Real Estate SEO Mistakes

Laptop with Real Estate SEO Mistakes

Is it important to consider real estate SEO when creating your content? Sure it is, but it isn’t everything. There are other things to consider. Take a look at these four mistakes and how to avoid them. 1. Keyword stuffing. This method used to be effective when SEO and the Internet were somewhat new, but not anymore. Now it’s more … Read More

Why Real Estate Agents Change Brokerages

A man real estate agent yelling at her old broker for not paying her 100% of the commission she earned.

Are you feeling trapped but hesitant about leaving your current brokerage office? Are you asking yourself, “What if it’s no better anywhere else I go?” Chances are you’re right. It isn’t better anywhere else. That’s because the culture of today’s real estate brokerages are still operating under the same ‘ole antiquated system since the beginning of selling real estate. The system is broken … Read More

Top 10 Traits of a Real Estate Top Producer

Top 10 Traits of a Real Estate Top Producer at a 100% Commission Real Estate Office

Let your clients know that you are an organized professional who recognizes, values and respects their time. Put in a good, hard day’s work. Don’t coast or rest on your laurels. Work hard for your clients and they will reward you. Your reputation is defined by your actions. Don’t ever let it be said that you didn’t do all you … Read More

Your Real Estate Website: Is it Working for or Against You?

Is your 100% commission real estate website working for you

Your real estate website is the modern-day business card only better because it doesn’t just list your name and telephone number.  It can represent you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. How you want it to represent you is an entirely different matter.  That’s up to you and based on how well you design and optimize your content. … Read More