6 Superhero Traits of Successful Real Estate Agents

Competition for commissions is brutal out there and if you can’t find your niche, you’re going to drown in the next wave of opportunity that crashes on your head. Successful real estate agents work until the moon fades behind the dawn. Others won’t leave the office until they know their clients are happy. What separates stellar real estate agents from the mediocre wannabes? As … Read More

Top 10 Traits of a Real Estate Top Producer

Top 10 Traits of a Real Estate Top Producer at a 100% Commission Real Estate Office

Let your clients know that you are an organized professional who recognizes, values and respects their time. Put in a good, hard day’s work. Don’t coast or rest on your laurels. Work hard for your clients and they will reward you. Your reputation is defined by your actions. Don’t ever let it be said that you didn’t do all you … Read More