Got Listings? Here’s 4 Techniques to Get More

How to get real estate listings

How do you get listings?

Maybe you’re a new agent who hasn’t yet built up your sphere of influence. Or maybe you’re an experienced agent who hasn’t been able to find the time to network in order to get new listings. What do you do? Set up a plan of attack. Know exactly who you’re targeting and what methods you’re going to use to target them before you begin. Once you have that down, implement your plan consistently. Check out these techniques to get more listings.

1. Set up a free agent profile with property search portals.

Zillow and Trulia are going to be there no matter what, so you might as well claim your profile with them. It will give you a chance to capture any leads that could be on their sites.

2. Tap into homeowner curiosity.

Homeowners love to know how much their home is going for in the market. If you can create a landing page and use it with a contact form, you can capture their information and follow up with them.

3. Send periodic information to homeowners.

Create valuable information that is helpful to them. First and foremost, you are in the business of serving people and you want to act like it.

4. Get in front of them consistently by sending them valuable, free information they can use.

If you do, they’re going to remember you. This will establish you as the subject matter expert in your area. Get your face in front of them as often as you can without being overbearing, either through a listing presentation, a great webinar or through a Facebook ad or other related social media platforms. This can go a long way in explaining why they should listen to and list with you.

You want to provide valuable social proof statistics to back up your position.

Getting listings isn’t hard. You just need to establish an effective system that causes you to stand out from your competition and then use it consistently. Rinse and repeat.