How to Launch Successful Real Estate Email Campaigns

How to Launch a Successful Real Estate Email Campaign

Great real estate email campaigns can be just the push that concerned clients have when they’re on the verge of making a big purchase.

You want them to hire you to buy or sell their home. You’re also concerned about providing the best level of service you possibly can. When you show them that it’s about them, they’re going to remember you when it comes time to refer their friends and family to you. They want to know that you’re there. So how do you prove that to them?

You do that by consistently showing up.

This doesn’t mean you have to bombard them, but if you give them useful information they will look forward to reading your emails instead of unsubscribing to them. The emails should be spaced out every 7 to 10 days. They should be automated and ready to go. The first email should direct them to your social media blog website you want them to know who you are and you want to make yourself available to them.

Take the opportunity to share a little background information about yourself. It will let them feel like they’re getting a chance to know who you are apart from your profession. This can build trust and show them you are transparent. What they see is what they get with you.

Send them a social proof testimonial about a past client who had a good experience with you. Many times you can tout your achievements and people won’t bat an eye. But as soon as somebody says something good about you, people have a tendency to believe them. The key is to let someone else speak on your behalf. You want to always keep track of your clients when it comes to asking them for both referrals and testimonials. The more that you collect the easier it will be to build that social proof.

Send out an invitation for coffee. Let them know you are a real person aside from the online emails and phone calls. Offer to take them out for a brief coffee run so you have a chance to get to know who they are.

Send resources that are relevant to their needs.

Valuable information is priceless. If they can use it and it’s free to them, this will build trust that you’re not just out to get their business. You do really care about them and you want to help them.
Share listings. Nurture your potential clients and build trust. You don’t want them to feel like you’re doing all of this just to make the sale. It’s a timing issue. You want to make sure that you take enough time to warm them up, get them open to your suggestions before selling to them. Trust is the basis of every business relationship. If you haven’t taken the time to properly form the trust, you’re not going to get the sale.

Great real estate email campaigns can mean the difference between consistent sales and zero sales.