Real Estate Postcards – Junk Mail or Lead Generator?

Postcards- Junk Mail or Lead Generator?

You have a decision to make. Work smarter, or work yourself into the ground. It is impossible to do both.

The following is a tiny but fascinating summary of things real estate postcards are good for:

  •  Announcing to the neighborhood that you are one of the 4,398 Realtors sending out the exact same old, tired marketing real estate postcards that require them to lug it all the way back into their home and straight into the trash (because after an exhausting day at work, junk mail is exactly what they wanted).
  • Wasting hours of your time, effort and money designing and printing real estate postcards out yourself, or ordering them from an over-priced printing company who does not care whether they are optimized and get you results.
  • Just the right cardstock for Aunt Jenny and her next great paper crafting project (free paper YIPEE!)

Here are some things postcards cannot help you with– ever:

  • Individuality
  • Boldness
  • Novelty
  • Originality
  • Ingenuity
  • Brilliance
  • Freshness
  • Creativity
  • Finding your own voice
  • …Then using it

First of all, it is entirely too common to see real estate agents following each other, blindly copying the same marketing methods they see others doing because they think it is the “right” way to do it all. Their rationalization is that if it worked for one person, they will get the same results by repeating the process. However, what if your colleague is wrong?

What if they’re all wrong?

Did you ever stop to think about that? What if they were simply following a method they saw someone else do at one time? Do you even know if it works? And if it does work for them, how do you know that it will work for you? How about you take some of your own ideas out for a spin? What’s wrong with that? Why are you assuming that they know a better way? How can you know what works if you haven’t questioned it? Maybe you know it doesn’t work and you are looking for other options but can’t find any to suit your business?

There’s no such thing as a successful marketing campaign that fits all businesses.

It takes work to test and re-test every tweak, every little change to get to what works. And, it requires hours of research and skill sets that you were not given when you sat through your real estate classes.

They teach you the rules of real estate, not how to sell.

Therefore, you can follow the leader and be led astray, or you can stop and insist that you forge your own path. Work smarter, not harder. There are agents out there who cannot afford the fluffy hand-holding motivational talk that many books offer. Their livelihood quite literally depends on their next commission check.

This is your gut check.

Your screeching alarm, your ringing bell, your blaring horn to wake you up to the reality that in order to be successful, you must step outside of your conventional, do-what-everyone-else-is-doing box and think differently. Decide if you want success or the idea of success. And if you want the former, then find the confidence to aggressively pursue it. But before you do that, commit to yourself that you will follow through no matter what happens.

Ideas into action. No excuses.