Are You Making These Real Estate SEO Mistakes?

SEO Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Is it important to consider real estate SEO keywords when creating your content?

Sure it is, but it isn’t everything. There are other things to consider. Take a look at these four mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Keyword stuffing.

This method used to be effective when SEO and the Internet were somewhat new, but not anymore. Now it’s more important to write great content for your audience before going back and optimizing for real estate SEO keywords. Your information should be valuable and helpful to your readers with your primary motive to serve them. Build your content upon that principle alone and you won’t have to worry about consistent traffic to your website.

2. Posting duplicate content on several website pages.

It might seem like a fast way to create a lot of content by posting similar or the same content on multiple sites, but this actually ends up hurting you with Google. Instead, plan a calendar of content to drip your articles out weeks and months ahead. This way you have plenty of time to create original articles without the need to duplicate.

3. Not updating broken links and images.

It’s a good idea to periodically go through all your existing content and update or repair any broken links or images. The goal is to keep your content as evergreen and current as possible.

4. Not checking Google Analytics.

Writing great content is just the first step, but it isn’t the only step. In order to know which posts are garnering the most visitors, you need to be aware of how well they perform. Using Google Analytics will help you do just that. However, not understanding how it works or checking it consistently can result in wasting a lot of time creating articles that don’t compel readers to keep coming back.