Your Real Estate Website: Is it Working Against You?

Your Real Estate Website: Is it Working Against You?

Your real estate website is the modern-day business card.

Only better because it doesn’t just list your name and telephone number. Your real estate website can represent you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The way in which you want it to represent you is an entirely different matter. That’s up to you and based on how well you design and optimize your real estate website. Failure to design and optimize it correctly could work against you.

People want information quickly in this technological age. Three seconds within clicking on your real estate website is all it takes to lose somebody if you don’t deliver the information they want instantly. Your content must hook the reader to stay through the entire article.

If your website isn’t allowing that to happen, it’s useless. As in, slightly less helpful than a digital door stop.

Buying a basic website and hosting content alone isn’t enough. It’s an exercise in futility if the content doesn’t grab your readers and keep them wanting more. If you aren’t educating readers about how to solve their problems with your solutions, you’re wasting your time. You should never have a generic real estate website. It should be tailored to your specific niche and the clients your serve. It should be user-friendly, allowing for information to be easily searched. Every single user experience should reflect the code of your business: honesty, integrity, education and specialty. You need to succinctly identify what that means to you and your business before you can give it to them.

Buyers are looking for an agent who is honest, trustworthy, has integrity and who will have their best financial interests at heart. Sellers are looking for the same thing, and they’re looking for a real estate agent who can reach potential buyers, price their home competitively and sell their home in a timely manner.

Your real estate website doesn’t have to be complicated, but it needs to hold a wealth of information and knowledge where anyone looking for information on how to buy or sell their home can come and instantly identify you as a credible, leading subject-matter expert in your industry.