Technology to help you succeed.

Agent Technology Suite from Kunversion

Only the very best technology platform is good enough for our OneBlue agents.

We have partnered with Inside Real Estate to deliver the kvCore platform, the industry’s premier end-to-end agent technology platform to every single OneBlue agent.

If you are a real estate agent who is experiencing app fatigue, then the Kunversion platform is right up your alley. This platform is an end to end solution that will help you manage the entire sales funnel from visitors on your website, through the home search, and all the way to closing. It is a CRM and marketing automation system built in with MLS integration. Simply put, this is the most advanced agent technology platform available on the market and our agents get it for free.

Agent websites that work for you, even when you’re sleeping.

OneBlue Real Estate has partnered with Inside Real Estate to deliver the kvCore platform to every agent.

An agent’s online presence is critical in today’s marketplace. A website is a 24-hour assistant helping consumers search homes for sale, research communities, check property value and so much more. Ensuring that your website is current and responsive is critical for an agent to be successful. Every OneBlue agent gets a fully responsive MLS integrated website that offers stunning photo resolution, fast load times, data that is updated every 5-minutes. Once a customer registers on the website, you’ll be able to track their every move including what listings they are looking at, what type of device they are using, where they came from, and through leveraging data integration with Cole Data and Onboard Infographic you’ll get a deep dive into the customer’s social profiles, alternative contact info and so much more.

Real Estate Agent Websites with IDC

All of your leads in one place.

Regardless of how you get your leads, we’ve got you covered with full lead automation, drip marketing, and supplemental insights.

  • Connector.


    Set off a series of tasks and actions based on the type of lead and where the lead came from.

  • Connector.


    Using hashtags you can ensure that each and every lead receives the most appropriate marketing message depending on the lead source.

  • Connector.


    Tired of leads that come in missing information? Every lead is checked and cross checked through various data sources include Cole Data and missing information like phone number and social profiles populated.

Real estate lead generation and routing
Real estate agent technology platform

Your business at your fingertips.

Desktop, tablet, or smartphone, our platform is fully responsive.

We use various devices as we go about the course of our business. No worries if you’re a OneBlue agent. We are 100% cloud based and the platform works on all devices, no matter where you are. Now your business is always at your fingertips.

Behavioral-based Marketing

OneBlue agents can take advantage of the only real estate drip marketing platform that evolves itself based on the behavior of the customer. The platform even monitors the homes that your customers are looking at on the website and if you haven’t setup a listing alert for them, it will do it for you based on the types of homes the customer has been looking at! To top it all of, the platform will send the customer an email on your behalf to let them know you’ve set them up a saved search all while you’ve been enjoying some quiet time on the beach!

real estate lead drip marketing
real estate business analytics reporting

360° Business Analytics

With kvCore and OneBlue, you get end to end business analytics. We track every lead from the time they visit your website or are imported into the system until closing. This enables you to see your entire sales funnel so that you can tweak your business plan to ensure the highest possible closing rate while still maintaining outstanding customer service.

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