Top 10 Traits of a Real Estate Top Producer

Top 10 Traits of a Real Estate Top Producer at a 100% Commission Real Estate Office

What’s it take to be a Top Producer? These 10 Traits

1. Show up on time.

Let your clients know that you are an organized professional who recognizes, values and respects their time.

2. An honorable work ethic.

Put in a good, hard day’s work. Don’t coast or rest on your laurels. Work hard for your clients and they will reward you.

3. Always finish what you start.

Your reputation is defined by your actions. Don’t ever let it be said that you didn’t do all you could for a client or go all the way every single time. Your clients hire you to put out 110 percent every single time. Show up and fulfill your promise to them.

4. Empowering body language.

Ninety-five percent of communication is nonverbal. How you move relays more about you than what you say to people. If you are excited about meeting with a client then act like it. Be enthusiastic to help your clients. You are changing their lives in most cases. It’s a fantastic role to be in, so make sure your body language reflects that.

5. Be energetic.

You don’t have to be hyper, but you want to be upbeat. It’s infectious and clients respond to how you make them feel.

6. Positive attitude is key.

This is a choice. One that you make before you start your day. You can change your bad mood into a good one with a choice. Make that choice every day, regardless of what happens in your life. Make the choice.

7. Be passionate about the cause.

Find out what ignites your passion and pursue that toward your real estate business. When you love what you do it shines on everyone around you. Even the boring tasks can be redefined in a way to get excited about. Find the passion and then live it.

8. Always keep learning.

Learn something new. Use what you have learned in your real estate business and apply it to serving your clients.

9.Push yourself to do more.

Improve everyday. Take customer service above and beyond by doing extra for your clients where you can. Under promise and over deliver. You want referrals and happy clients? Do more.

10. Be ready for the unexpected.

Plan, organize and anticipate problems. Be prepared in advance to improve your reputation as a real estate agent who values his client’s time.

Make a choice to possess these traits. That’s all it takes to be a top producer.