Orlando’s Premier 100% Commission Brokerage!

100% Commission • Leading Technology • Unmatched Training

Agent-Centric, Future Focused.

At OneBlue Real Estate in Orlando we are built around our agents. Our broker Kevin Johnson believes in the concept of servant leadership and the entire office team serves our agents. Our agents are our most valuable resource and we are dedicated to ensuring that our agents have everything they need to build their business. We are also future focused, continually innovating to ensure that the best tools and resources available to our agents.

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No Franchise Fees.

As a real estate agent, you work hard every day to build relationships with your customers, source new business, and build your personal brand. Then, when you close a transaction, your broker takes his unfair share of your hard earned commission. Well that is not the case at OneBlue Real Estate in Orlando. We pay 100% commission, after all you earned the commission so who are we to take any of it!?

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You Earned It, You Keep It.

We are proud not to be affiliated with a national franchise. Instead of sending our profits to a big corporation, we’d rather invest that money into our agent’s future and into the future of our community. That is why we are proud to adopt the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida as our official local charity. 10% of all company profits are donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida to benefit the Osceola County clubs. In fact, we were pleased to announce in 2017 that we kicked off our campaign with a $25,000 on behalf of all of our agent and team members.

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The OneBlue Model

Say goodbye to…

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    Franchise Fees

    Every study done by the National Association of REALTORS® tells us that customers choose their agents by personal reputation, not due to a franchise.

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    Broker Splits

    Broker’s love to take their unfair share of YOUR commission, but not at United! There are NO broker splits at OneBlue Real Estate.

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    Mandatory Desk Time, Open House, Etc

    So many brokerages still require new agents to work floor time, hold open houses, and other low return tasks that don’t help the agent grow. We don’t require that because it is all about YOU and helping YOU succeed!

Say HELLO to…

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    100% Commission Model

    All you pay is a small monthly fee and a per transaction fee, that’s it. Even better, there is no transaction fee after your 3rd transaction each month!

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    Best-in-Class Technology

    From a fully MLS integrated CRM, agent website, marketing tools, and more, no other brand can touch the technology we offer our agents! Best of all, everything is in the cloud so it works on any device, any OS!

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    Say good-bye to boring, outdated training. We’ve partnered with the best real estate coach in the industry to design and implement a training program for everyone, new or experienced.